Evaluation on pinterest as a digital reference

Evaluation Matrix

Complete the table below for each digital teaching resource. These documents should be uploaded to your Blog.

Name of teaching resource


Weblink (if web based)


Who should this digital teaching resource be used with? (ie year/grade)

I think pinterest is suitable for Teachers, Parents and students of all ages. Young age children may not be able to use the computer but if a teacher was to pin some appealing pictures for learning activities and show on a projector then this would be educational.

How should it be used? (e.g. individual, whole class)

I believe it is suitable to be used individually and with the whole class.

Which subject or learning area would it be most appropriate to use in?

I think that pinterest is a good tool for inspiration so it could be used in any subject such as art.

Identify the strengths of this teaching resource

There is immense amount of content but more filtered then Google, there is a following system if another person has similar interests or following as a part of a group exercise.

Identify any weaknesses of this teaching resource

There isn’t as much information on this website as there is on Google. People may use Google over this site.

Explain any ideas you may have for further use of this teaching resource

I can think of many uses for this teaching resource.

1: Gaining Inspiration for set up of classroom, organising ideas and coming up with craft/art ideas.

2: There could be testing on pinterest where students could have to pin items to fit certain criteria.

3: Parents could use it for a source of information with assisting child with homework when further information is required.

4: Teacher could pin content for class to review for inspiration for a subject, assignment or test.


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