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Digital identities and digital security

A digital identity is the way an individual portrays himself or herself online. This can be viewed from different social medias and Google. The first thing I have learnt about digital identities is there are two different ways in which an individual can portray himself or herself online.

1: Public


2: Private

This is the security in which each individual chooses when uploading photos, videos and text to the Internet. Each individual is responsible for majority of the information about him/her online. Or though there can be cases when information about someone can be uploaded by another person. I am currently looking into different ways to withhold information being shared by others about another. This task is proving to be a difficult one, as there is no barrier for an individual to submit content online about another. Downey advisises most information about an individual is uploaded voluntarily and”you lose rights in whatever you post as soon as you post it”(Sarah A. Downey, Blog, 2012). Downey shows ways to delete information from the internet. The deleting process seems to be time consuming and once it is done people can have the information saved, which I think is going to be a growing issue for future generations.

In these studies I have found just how important it is for everyone’s own security to make sure information uploaded to the Internet is private or ultimately not uploaded at all, as there can be certain predators online. These people being labelled as Identity thieves, scammers and online bullies. With children and young adolescence I believe the main predator encounter will be Bullies. Bullies are already a major problem online and they are only going to become worse in time unless children are educated on how to protect themselves online. I believe this is something all children should learn at school along with digital footprint (Vangie Beal, Digital Footprint, 2015) Children need to be aware that information uploaded to the internet ” leaves traces of personal information about yourself available to others online” and how everything on the Internet can be retraced even if deleted.