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Participation and the digital devide

Participation in the digital world is to have access to the Internet or digital devices. The digital divide is either an individual with access to the internet and digital devices or an individual that does not have access to the internet or digital devices. The digital divide may seem virtually non-existent to the majority of the world with digital access as with the growth over generations of the use of internet and digital devices the prices are lower and the access is more important.

I believe there are two prominent groups of people that don’t have access to the Internet. The First one being less fortunate countries; to a lot of individuals and country’s the internet is still not accessible. In which I learnt from (One laptop per child, Nicholas Negroponte, 2007) http://www.ted.com/talks/nicholas_negroponte_on_one_laptop_per_child_two_years_on#t-127260

I was always aware that some less fortunate countries didn’t have access to digital world but never gave the issue much thought. The other prominent group of people I believe is the older generations, as a large number of them have also not gained access, as they don’t have the knowledge to use the technology, as it was virtually non-existent when they were growing up. With the younger generation who has access to the equipment and Internet growing up it is second nature to them to use it and gain further self taught advancements. Some individuals may also think that they don’t have a use for the Internet. Elderly people would have been introduced to digital technology from digital TVs and Radios in which they would see the impacts and advantages of using a device that is more updated and superior. There is also the issue of the price or though digital technology is affordable there are plenty of people in the world that don’t have the finances to venture into the digital world.